Videos and SEO

Many businesses now know the value of using SEO in order to get their business’s website more visible on the internet but what many businesses do not realize is that a video can be a strong tool in SEO.

First of all let’s remind ourselves of what SEO is. It stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a set of strategies which when employed, can make a website appear at the top of any relevant results of search listings. Although your business may have a website and if it does, that website will certainly show up on a list of results when relevant searches are made however, as there are now so many websites on the internet, it may just be one of several hundred websites displayed in the results. Research has shown that the vast majority of people (90%), never look further than the first page of results and so if your site is shown on page 6, it may have well not been shown at all. SEO enables the search engine to quickly identify your website and thereby place it on the first page of any listings, if not at the top of that first page which obviously means that it will be seen by a far higher number of people that instigate searches. That is OK for when people instigate searches but SEO can do more than that, it can also attract people to your site without them even doing a search. One of the popular ways of doing this is by link building which is placing a link to your site on other, more popular sites. This has the potential for people that are looking at the other site, to click and be sent to your site, once again increasing the number of visitors your site receives, all of whom are potential customers. Today though, reading and writing in any form seem s to be something that is being done less and less often as internet speeds have increased and videos can easily and quickly be seen. In fact today, 60% of websites are reached by videos shown on social media and other sites and so to increase your website’s visibility you perhaps need to have a corporate video on some of the popular video sites, such as YouTube, Metacafe or DailyMotion.

Although there are many online sites that claim to be able to assist you with your SEO or link building, it isn’t all these sites that can also include video production among their services. As obviously a professionally made video will more likely attract attention than a home-made production, it is therefore probably in your business’s best interests to, to hire an SEO specialist that can include video production in their list of services. The latest figures show that 80% of people prefer to look at a video online opposed to reading an article that may have a link in it to another site. That means that your site has 4 times more chance of being reached by a video being placed on another site, than an article being placed on it.

The Growing Need for PowerPoint Outsourcing

Public speaking is not a skill which everybody has mastered. Not all of us are gifted with the knack for delivering the best speeches that can enthrall a crowd for an hour or more. Since not all of us are naturally gifted with oratorical skills, most of us hide our lack of oratorical skills via the use of visual aids, and with the launching of Microsoft PowerPoint programs in the 1990’s, most of us got the added kick whenever we are asked to deliver an oral presentation. We can now rely heavily on PowerPoint slides to make sure that our thoughts and whatever we want to convey are grasped by our listeners and target audience. Thanks to PowerPoint, we can now easily get by a presentation with a smile every time we engage in a long presentation of an idea or a process. We can now heave a sigh of relief every time we are tasked to keep the audience engaged via the use of PowerPoint without betraying our lack of oratorical skills.

In most organizations and companies, the PowerPoint program is a vital aspect of every presentation. In fact, almost all managers and employees make use of PowerPoint every time they are asked to give a report or an exposition to an audience. Yet, despite the ease of use associated with the PowerPoint program, the choosing and arranging of slides and the PowerPoint preparation itself is still time-consuming. Due to the fast-paced life that we now have, the time and effort consumed in PowerPoint preparation are still viewed by managements as loss in productivity. Hence, a new business emerges to remedy this loss of productivity. That business revolves around PowerPoint outsourcing, whether this outsourcing is an onshore or an offshore outsourcing.

Many companies and organizations nowadays outsource their PowerPoint needs. The managements of these organizations and companies deem it practical and cost-effective to outsource PowerPoint, considering the fact that the loss of time and energy consumed by their staff in the creation and preparation of PowerPoint presentations far outweighs the amount that they are going to pay for a PowerPoint service provider. Moreover, once they outsource PowerPoint jobs, their staff would certainly save time and energy, which they could readily harness and channel to more productive company undertakings. The preparation involving PowerPoint can be considered as low productivity jobs; hence, it would be advantageous on the part of a company to outsource this kind of job to a third-party service provider.

Of course, there are risks involved in outsourcing a job. Say for instance, if it is your first time outsourcing PowerPoint, you may be a bit fidgety if there is a delay in the delivery of the needed PowerPoint slides. Likewise, if you fail to choose a third-party service provider with a good track record, you might end up not having high quality end-products. Yet, if you were able to zero in on a very good third-party service provider—that is reliable, trustworthy, professional, and with high expertise in PowerPoint programs—you have definitely made the right decision for your company.

Effective Content Marketing Strategy for 2015

Content, as we know it online, is king. It is obvious today since most of the websites that we see from the search result pages cater to the most likely answers to our queries. A lot of people don’t go online to fool around. In fact, they are looking for specific answers to their questions. This is the reason why Google has changed their search algorithm over the last few years. Over the years, the content has been prioritized online. Regardless if it is a video, an infograph, or a blog written 3,000 words long, as long as it provides crucial information to a niche, Google will most likely give it a good ranking.

Since content is the number one priority online, what are the most likely strategies that you could use for content marketing2015? Here are some tips that could come in handy.

Regular influx of content
Search engines love blogs that have regular content published on their site. When do you want to publish content? Are you regularly publishing every day? Or perhaps you are looking to publish every week? You need to ensure that quality is not compromised whatever the schedule is.

High quality content
As rule of thumb, you need high quality content for your site. You have to make sure that you don’t publish just for the sake of having content. In fact, it takes time and research in order to produce the right type of content that could be considered useful by your niche.

What are the keywords that you want to include in your blog? These days, long tailed keywords are among the most underutilized keywords for content marketing. The advantage of long tailed keywords over the traditional keyword phrases is that the former can be integrated to the content naturally. Given that people are using their smart phones and voice commands in order to search the World Wide Web, long tail keywords can come in handy as you generate the content for your site.

Ensure that you share the content on social media
You have to make sure that you also share the content on social media. Not only is it possible to sponsor your post to increase the clicks and the potential traffic, but it also helps your social media presence. Regardless if you have a company or you are simply building your reputation, this step makes a huge difference. Also, considering how people could share the content, it is possible that you can make something go viral. It is free advertising on the part of your website.

Another step that you should never forego is to have multimedia for every post that you make. Images and videos help boost the interest of your readers. In fact, original photos can even be better.

It also helps if you have a specific voice for your website. If you are using a specific voice, this means that the readers will be familiarized what type of blog or site you are trying to build. Does it have a serious tone, or does it have a casual voice?

Teleprompter Software: How Does It Function?

Have you ever heard of teleprompter software already? If not yet then you may have already seen a newscaster presenting news in front of the camera. Basically, most newscasters usually make use of this particular kind of software to convince the people or the viewers that the person who delivers the news simply speaks out from his mind. So a newscaster usually looks at the camera without looking down to read his notes or the scrip which was provided to him by the news staff.

Makes You Think that the Person Talks to You Directly
If you are watching a newscaster telling news on the television then this gives you the impression that the he is talking to you in a direct manner. Basically, you would usually see a screen in front of the newscaster while the camera is being placed below. The words are then displayed on the monitor by way of reflection method and this is possible with the aid of a glass surface. This gives the newscaster a more comfortable way of reading what is meant to be reported or presented to the viewing public. In case you are not aware, teleprompter software is commonly used for celebrities who are usually interviewed in front of a camera.

Gives the Impression that the Newscaster Talks from His Memory
If you are the newscaster and then your viewers will commonly perceive you as someone who is an expert about what you are talking about in front of the camera. This gives the viewers the impression that you are simply talking and delivering news straight from your mind. However, it should be noted that when a newscaster is seen in the studio, you would commonly see him facing the camera and the screen where the words are written and clearly displayed.

As of the present days, more and more companies and business organizations worldwide are using teleprompter software to deliver effective and clearer speeches and messages which are meant to be delivered and embodied to their respective audiences. This kind of software is also widely used in the creation of high quality audio materials which are meant to be distributed to a particular audience.

Convenience and Ease of Use
teleprompter software You will surely get yourself surprised that teleprompter software can be easily used on a desktop or a laptop. With this thing in mind, you will get the assurance that you as the user or the reader will make it easier for you to control the rate and the flow of the words that you need to read and deliver. Now if you need to present pre-written speeches then you can simply opt for a personal teleprompter, an excellent type of teleprompter which is widely used in schools and educational institutions. With teleprompter software, the reader can have the option to speed up or slow down the rate of words which are meant to be read and delivered.

If you are looking for the best teleprompter software, simply take the time to visit Prompt Dog today!

Creating Interest in Products

One of the essential keys to marketing is creating interest in the product you are selling, if you can create sufficient interest in your product; that should hopefully lead to successful increases in sales. Developing this interest is called lead generation and is considered the first step in any sales plan. Although a business may sometimes try several plans to generate interest, it has been shown that choosing only one and then concentrating on just that one, produces better results than trying to promote several at the same time. If you can choose a good lead and then place all your resources into backing up that one lead rather than diversifying them to try and back up several, the resultant sales have been proven to be more successful.

Of course though, just having the idea is not going to be enough on its own, you have to fully support that one idea for as long as it takes to work and then continue to support it until it no longer does, at which time you hopefully will have created a new idea for promoting the same product and so switch your support to that. There are basically two different types of lead, sales leads and marketing leads. Sales leads target certain audiences, perhaps by age or by income whilst marketing leads are specific to one time offers on the purchase of the product.

On the internet, these leads can be supported or promoted in several ways. Firstly, as the social media have become as popular as they have, businesses will join these social media and actively take part in them, hopefully being able to find and thereby target, specific groups that are most likely to be interested in their product. Secondly, they can actively advertise online. They can do this in three different ways one, cost per mile (CPM) which is basically pay per thousand people that look at the site that your advertisement is placed on. Two, is cost per click (CPC) which although possibly better as you only pay for the number of times your advertisement is actually clicked on, has over recent years, become increasingly more expensive, as has paying per click on a relevant keyword you may be using on other web sites.
It is the cost of advertising that requires that you have a specific marketing strategy in generating interest rather than paying high advertising costs in a broad stroke fashion, targeted and specific advertising is much more cost effective and if done right, more productive.

Although getting a good lead to create interest is essential, it does not mean that you no longer need some good SEO (search engine optimization) however, that SEO can also be adapted to run using the lead that you choose, enhancing it still further.
Having found and made your choice for what sales and marketing leads you will use and of course resolved to support them, it is unlikely that even the best one will last forever and so you should start thinking of your next lead, perhaps for the following year.

Making the Web Work for You

The idea of placing pages on the internet, if you are a business, is so that the internet can work in your favour, increasing your visibility which in turn will hopefully increase your business. Just being on the internet alone though, will not achieve this; you have to create a following or links as they are sometimes referred to. The more links that you have, the more people will read your page which, as mentioned, will hopefully lead to more sales. On order to increase these links, there are three strategies basically used, the first being Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the second being Social Media Optimization and the last being Content Marketing.

In order to use these things to the best advantage you may want to choose Organic Media Group SEO agency or a similar agency to assist you. These agencies are experts in internet marketing techniques and so are in a position of experience which they will use to increase the visibility of your web site.

However, here are the basics of each strategy should you wish to try and go it alone. SEO is a way of manipulating the different search engines in order to make certain web sites appear at the top of search listings. There are billions of search made on the internet daily and if your site should appear at the top of any searches that are related to your business, your business will certainly become more visible, not just to anyone but to those that have shown an interest in your business by making a relevant search.

One problem with SEO though is the owners of the search engines keep changing the criteria that their engines use for searches which means, you too must keep up with any changes and adjust your site accordingly. Social Media Optimization is perhaps a little more complicated but basically it increasing your social media presence to attract more likes, friends and ultimately more potential customers. Finally, Content Marketing involves having an interesting web site; one that people can enjoy visiting. If someone enjoys visiting your site, they will encourage others to visit the site and so the more comments or discussions you can stimulate, the more your site will be visited. If you successfully manage to keep your site interesting whilst still remaining focused on the nature of your business, extra custom is almost certain to follow.

These things are possible to do yourself or have one of your staff responsible for doing but, would you or they really be up to the task, especially considering that your competition may be enlisting the assistance of professional SEO specialists in order to try and stay above you in search engine results. There are many businesses that use SEO specialists to enable their web sites to be placed on the first page of any internet searches but, there are not so many businesses that employ specialists in all three aspects which, as all three are uniquely interlocked; would place their web sites as the first item on the first page.

Organic SEO Tactics – The Best Way to Build Backlinks and Traffic

If you are running a website, then you might have known everything already except maybe for one thing and that is to generate traffic towards your website. This article will help you how to build traffic not only on a growing but also on a consistent basis. Before we begin, let me just clear it out to you that it is impossible to put everything here about the tactics on organic SEO. However, this article can help you on how to start which is very beneficial to you. There are many easy methods that you can do in order for you to generate traffic towards your website, but one of the easiest is article writing.

If you can’t write one yourself, you can pay someone to do it for you. Most companies hire a team of writers to take care of that area for them. You may already know that these articles can contain certain keywords with regards to Google ranking in search engines. They may also contain direct or indirect links towards the site. If you already know these and you’re already applying this method but your articles are not currently doing a good job or getting a considerable percent click through ration, it might be because you actually don’t know as much as you think you do. This article might be able to change all, if not at least some, of that and it might even go as far as guaranteeing you that the next article you write will be one of the best that you have written. When you write an article, it should be based on the keyword or keyword phrase. Before submitting your article to different article directories all around the web, make sure to submit it first in your blog. The blog version should have a little more details and also include links to any resources that you have mentioned. You must also take your time in choosing your raw domain because it will greatly affect the page rank of your website. If you don’t have the time to do these things, you can avail of affordable SEO services too.

You must keep these things in mind because your article must get a lot of clicks in order for it to rank in major search engines. The url must also be related to the content of your website in order not to mislead potential clients and the web spider. Make sure that it is relevant to your website because it will contribute a lot in boosting the rank of your website in major search engines. And in case you are planning to fill your articles with keywords and links (that can be irrelevant already), keep in mind that Google can detect these things. Your article will still not rank higher in search engines. Worse, you can get a warning or just get banned by Google. Article writing to build backlinks and traffic is definitely a great way; just make sure you follow all the guidelines and rules to make it happen.

Cloud Security Concerns

Cloud computing has many benefits such as quality data backup and ability to access business data through mobile devices. That is why many business are looking for the best cloud storage In fact information security experts have said that cloud computing is more secure than other modes of computing. However, it is important to not cloud is not 100% secure. Therefore, the following are some of the most important things you should remember about cloud security.

Currently there are numerous security solutions which have evolved as a means of tackling security threats targeting the cloud, but there are a number of security myths you should be aware of:

Cloud Security Myths

  • Responsibility of securing data lies with one party

Security within information technology environments has become complex, more so in the cloud because of its third party housing, multi tenancy and seamless scalability. A number of security concerns have been raised regarding usage of datacenters for cloud environs. The misunderstanding is that the responsibility lies with the company involved but not the service provider as many enterprises tend to think. Many organizations have been reluctant in using cloud environments because they still think that their data will be controlled by the service provider and not the company itself. The truth of the matters is that security is the responsibility of both parties.

  • Cloud computing world will not change in the near future

Currently, the business world has changed significantly; just the way technology has evolved over the past few years. In other words, the world of mobile, e-commerce and digital technology has not been left behind. However, businesses are facing many security threats online and the onus is on the business enterprises as well as the cloud providers to ensure business data is protected maximally. What needs to be taken into consideration is the fact that technology is changing and as such, hackers are also upgrading their skills each passing day. Nothing is going to remain static; from the hardware to the software.

  • The Cloud is 100% Secure

As already mentioned, the cloud is not 100% secure, however, it is relatively secure than the local systems. The fact that the cloud is not 100% secure doesn’t mean you should not adopt cloud computing into your processes because the cloud is the safest at the moment. There may be scary stories of cloud servers being hacked into but those cases are rare.

  • The cloud is in the cloud

Many people literary believe that the cloud is out there in the literal clouds; therefore, the functionality of the cloud system is likely to be affected by changes in whether. Well, if you are one of those folks who believe in this, you should pick a few articles online and educate yourself a little bit. And make sure you don’t discuss about cloud in the public because you are likely to be greeted by some giggles. The less said about this myth, the better. No offense though but ignorance is no defense.

Apps and Types of Apps

I guess all of us are familiar with apps because many of us are actually using them and may have a brush with them. Our world is indeed becoming a world of apps because of the millions of apps created since it was first conceived, and the billions of downloads registered by both Google and Apple. It is worth the effort on my part to clarify the concept of app to give you an overview of why it is very important. An app is basically a software which readily allows you to perform or do some specific tasks. Here, we have to distinguish between apps which run on desktops or laptops, which we call desktop applications, and apps which run on our mobile devices which we call mobile apps. Desktop applications facilitate some of the most common computer works we perform every day. Desktop applications range from those of Word processors, to widgets, calendars, calculators, maps, and many more. We might be familiar with the process of installing desktop applications. It’s simple and is done by inserting an installation disk on the CD drive, or simply downloading the apps from the net. Mobile apps, on the other hand, are those apps which make the use of our handheld devices, such as tablets and smartphones cool and easy.

Different Types of Apps

Apps usually run within your device’s operating system, and they usually remain running until you shut down your device. The beauty of apps lies in the fact that they allow us to multi-task as they run simultaneously within an operating system. Likewise, there are different types of Apps depending on their uses, purposes, and functions. Let me classify apps into two groups: on the one hand, there are apps which are designed to generate revenues; on the other hand, there are those which are designed for marketing, customer service, or for simply branding. The former group of apps obviously refers to those apps which are developed for sale in the Apps Store or Google Play. They are designed for consumers’ consumptions for a fee. Many rags-to-riches stories of known and not-so-well-known developers who hit it big when their apps went viral are known are testaments to the revenue-generating potential of this field. The latter type of apps, however, is developed for the specific purposes of gaining mileage and leverage in marketing and in areas of customer service. Companies, for examples, make use of apps to facilitate access and interactions with their websites. You can also visit – how to make an app to learn more about app development.

Mobile Apps or Desktop Apps

So are you now eager to develop your own app? Well, it would be a bit easy if you are a software developer because you did not have to pay for someone else’s service, and you can readily put into actuality your app concept. However, if you are not a software developer and don’t have any inkling on the languages and programs used to build apps, you can simply content yourself with conceiving of an original app idea, and then delegating the app development process to a qualified app developer.

The Proper Use Of Semicolons

When you go to a website or when you use different social media sites, don’t you get amazed on how they are able to do what they can do? Have you ever wondered how they did it? Well, its all about coding and sometimes people are afraid of coding. Many people think that it is such a headache and is too technical or confusing to understand. The truth is, you can learn how to code online by going through different sites such as – JavaScript and there are sites that offer coding education for free. As a free lesson for today, you will know how to properly use the semicolon. You will get to know where you have to use it, where you don’t have to use it and some things that you just plainly have to avoid

1. You must always plays a semicolon when there are 2 statements that are on the same line.

2. You can either place or not place a semicolon after a statement in your code. In JavaScript, the semicolon is used in order to separate the statements. It can only be removed when the statement is followed by a line break. A statement is like a command that is a part of your whole code and when in use, it will tell the computer that it should do something. When the semicolon is present, you don’t have to use any line breaks and when the statements end up not separated on the same line it would still be fine provided that there are semicolons present.

3. Avoid using a semicolon:

a. After a closing curly bracket except when your statement is var obj – {};.

b. After a round bracket of the statements while, if, for or switch. Using a semicolon will just confuse JavaScript into thinking that you just have an empty statement. It can’t read the ones written after semicolon as part of the statement.

c. An exemption to this rule only happens with a “for” loop. The semicolon can be used after the first and second statements only but not for the third.
Fixing Your Semicolons:

Like in MSWord, you also get a spellchecker in JavaScript. It not really an exact spellchecker but it is a proofing tool called the JSLint that helps you find any unnecessary semicolons so that you can delete them. It also helps you add any missing semicolons from your code so that you won’t have to check line by line just to find your semicolon mistake. If there is a red squiggly line under misspelled letters in Word, you will find a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside of it in the lines where you have made a mistake about the use of the semicolons. This is a great tool for beginners especially if you are still not used to knowing where to place your semicolons. Don’t worry because as you progress learning about coding, there will come a day that you wouldn’t need this tool or when this tool wouldn’t flag any line as missing or having unnecessary semicolon.