The Pros And Cons Of Social Media

Even though the power of social media is widely recognized all over the world, it cannot be denied that it still has its disadvantages. Just like the saying, nothing and no one is perfect. Everything has a catch no matter how you want it to become perfect. You cannot please every user. The only thing that you can do is continue to improve until such time that you gradually win the heart of every user. So applying this with social media, not everyone loves Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest. There will always be those who will find something to complain about the social media. However, despite the disadvantages, social media is still adored by millions of people and business owners.

This article will delve into the rewards and pitfalls of social media.


1. Shared Aims and Interests

When you decide to set up an account on any social networking site, you can actually select those users whose interests are almost the same as yours and then, from there, you can already establish your network just based on your likes and dislikes. For example, if you are fond of photography then chances are you can find other people who also love photography as much as you do. Most often than not, the system of the social networking site will be the one to recommend the users who shares similar interests with you. And then, everything will depend on you whether you want to connect and interact with the said strangers.

Furthermore, if you want to actively participate on meetings and other social gatherings but find that it’s too impractical because of your location, you can still do so through social media. You can still keep in touch with your family, friends, relatives through various social media sites even with the mammoth-sized distance. Very nice, isn’t it?

2. Worldwide Linkages

Regardless of the fact that you are looking for your long lost childhood sweetheart, or your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, former mentor, classmate or a long lost relative, there is no simpler way to do it than look for them on any social networking site. Even though Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin are possibly the most popular social networking sites in the world today, there are still new networking sites that are surfacing providing people lots of venue to connect with their friends, family, acquaintances and everyone else. Through these social channels, it will seem that people will no longer suffer from homesickness or any other emotional sickness because they can readily contact their loved ones.

The linkages can be assist you in numerous ways like:

  • Searching for a new job opportunity
  • Creating or getting advice on career or other much more personal issues
  • Finding potential romance
  • Gaining support from people who have the same interests as you
  • Finding assistance.

In numerous ways, social networking sites the corresponding of eyeballing at the fast food house, church or department store to swap conversations and get news about relatives and friends. The traditional airmail pen pals have now been taken over by internet avatars and private chats relayed through the social network.


1. Children Exploitation and Cyberbullying

There are still so many disadvantages out there but this is the most pressing concern. If you have been updating yourself with the news, many people have already suffered because of the social media.

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The Proper Use Of Semicolons

When you go to a website or when you use different social media sites, don’t you get amazed on how they are able to do what they can do? Have you ever wondered how they did it? Well, its all about coding and sometimes people are afraid of coding. Many people think that it is such a headache and is too technical or confusing to understand. The truth is, you can learn how to code online by going through different sites such as – JavaScript and there are sites that offer coding education for free. As a free lesson for today, you will know how to properly use the semicolon. You will get to know where you have to use it, where you don’t have to use it and some things that you just plainly have to avoid

1. You must always plays a semicolon when there are 2 statements that are on the same line.

2. You can either place or not place a semicolon after a statement in your code. In JavaScript, the semicolon is used in order to separate the statements. It can only be removed when the statement is followed by a line break. A statement is like a command that is a part of your whole code and when in use, it will tell the computer that it should do something. When the semicolon is present, you don’t have to use any line breaks and when the statements end up not separated on the same line it would still be fine provided that there are semicolons present.

3. Avoid using a semicolon:

a. After a closing curly bracket except when your statement is var obj – {};.

b. After a round bracket of the statements while, if, for or switch. Using a semicolon will just confuse JavaScript into thinking that you just have an empty statement. It can’t read the ones written after semicolon as part of the statement.

c. An exemption to this rule only happens with a “for” loop. The semicolon can be used after the first and second statements only but not for the third.
Fixing Your Semicolons:

Like in MSWord, you also get a spellchecker in JavaScript. It not really an exact spellchecker but it is a proofing tool called the JSLint that helps you find any unnecessary semicolons so that you can delete them. It also helps you add any missing semicolons from your code so that you won’t have to check line by line just to find your semicolon mistake. If there is a red squiggly line under misspelled letters in Word, you will find a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark inside of it in the lines where you have made a mistake about the use of the semicolons. This is a great tool for beginners especially if you are still not used to knowing where to place your semicolons. Don’t worry because as you progress learning about coding, there will come a day that you wouldn’t need this tool or when this tool wouldn’t flag any line as missing or having unnecessary semicolon.

How To Send A Fax Through Gmail

Gmail is a common email service. And most people frequently use google. But they may not be using all of the applications that it has to offer. With Google fax services, you can send and receive faxes online.

You can use google fax over internet connections in a similar way to a fax machine. It is a fast and easy way to transfer documents through email. The traditional fax machine is bulky and requires extra apparatus. With google fax, you can complete the same task using your computer. It is simple and convenient.

There are several email fax providers. If you are interested in faxing documents through email, you can try these services risk free. The top three services are Ring Central Fax, eFax, and Nextiva Fax. Ring Central starts at $7.99 a month. eFax starts at $14.13 a month. Nextiva Fax starts at $4.95 a month. Considering the potential personal and professional benefits, these are reasonable costs for a faxing service. They provide you with speed and convenience. Also you can try any of these services for free. If they are a good fit, you can keep the service. If you find that you don’t use them or need them you can cancel.

You might be intimidated to start using an online fax service. After all, faxing documents is not the most up to date technology. Younger generations may have limited experience with sending fax. Luckily, with the help of a faxing service, all you need is a gmail account. If you don’t have one it is fast and simple to create one. Gmail is a common email forum and creating an account can be beneficial to your business.

Once you have a gmail account established, sending a fax is simple. You begin by logging into your gmail account. You then click “Compose” to write a new email. Then attach the email you want to send as a fax. Up to this point, sending a fax is the same process as sending a normal attachment. Once you have the file attached you will write a fax number as the recipient. Be sure to include the area code. Once you have entered the fax number simply click send and your fax will be on its way. Once it has been delivered you will receive a confirmation email.

By following these steps you can send a fax using your computer rather than a fax machine. The email fax services simplify the process. Enlisting in one of these services can facilitate your business activities. If you try one of the services and find it is not meeting your expectations you can always cancel. But, in the meantime, you can send a fax without the extra burden of a fax machine and an extra phone line. This is both a cost and time saving mechanism. The online fax services do charge a small monthly fee. But this is cheaper than the cost of buying a fax machine and all the accompanying supplies.

Design Tips To Attract Visitors To A Website

How to get people to stay longer and keep coming to your website should always be the ultimate aim of any webmaster. The first step is to ensure that the client is happy with the way your website looks, but attracting visitors to your website is only one of the few things you must do.

It is important to note that once you have designed the website and it is up and running, it is competing against hundreds of others in the search engine. So you need to find ways of encouraging your visitors to stay longer in your site and keep coming back.

However, no one said that creating an engaging site is a simple process. In fact, it is one of the most difficult aspects of user experience to design for because it does not only require high quality content, the content should be delivered in the most exciting way. Moreover, sites which deliver content in a variety of forms such as video, text, images and audio normally experience better customer retention than those that only use text. If you think that your website is feeling a little lifeless, here are some tips you can use to revive it.

1. Turn scrolling into engagement

It is possible to get as much as 70% more engagement from one single change in the form of parallax scrolling. Simply stated, parallax scrolling is a trend that is sweeping the web design industry because it provides an eye-catching way of visually delivering a message. With parallax scrolling, several elements are moved as you scroll down the page. This results in a dynamic experience for the user. Modern web design technology means that you can now design an amazing parallax website with pixel perfect accuracy

2. Iconography and symbols

This is another great way of designing an interactive web site. Designers actually have the difficult task of presenting text in the most impactful ways. So the use of icons can assist your visitors to find what they are searching for as quick as possible. The icons and symbols play the role of helping the visistor move from place to place. In other words, they, act like signposts. If you can get a way of using icons to support your text, your sites will become more enjoyable to read.

3. vector images for responsive visuals

Providing your visitors with text only content blocks is obviously not going to help. You must integrate images as well are you are going to create an engaging content. Typically, most images are in the form of PNG, JPEG and GIF. However, the problem with such bitmap images is that their images sizes are fixed; hence, they cannot stretch or contract to fit a new layout size or resolutions. Also, using more images in your site will have a negative impact in terms of loading times of your site.

So the solution is to use vector graphics which are designed to render dynamic imagery. Vector images can easily be scaled to sizes depending on the screen size and resolution.

Want To Play Games Online?

The internet is one of the most widely used facets of modern technology today. With over millions of users on daily basis, the internet is definitely a huge part of a lot of people’s lives today.

Initially, the internet was created in order to make it easy for people to communicate using their computers. Today, the internet is probably the biggest and most accessible source of information. There is even a popular phrase that says “Everything that you need or want to know is on the internet; you just have to know where to look”. The phrase definitely says the truth, as the internet is home to information relating to a slew of niches and interests, so it should not be surprising why a lot of people spend many hours a day using the internet.

The internet is not only one of the best sources of information; it also is a great place where you can be entertained. Online, there are a lot of images that you can browse through including pictures of cars, places, celebrities and many more. Also, the internet is a great place where you can get music from different genres.

Another possible way to get entertained on the internet is through the many videos that you can get to come across. Online, there are a lot of video sharing websites where you will be able to stream different videos. Also, there are services that allow you to watch some of the best and most entertaining movies ever produced.

If you get a lot of fun out of sharing ideas and discussion then forums are the perfect websites for you to go to in order to get entertainment. In forums you will be able to engage in discussion with people who may be interested in similar topics as you are, and you will surely have a lot of fun doing so.

However, some of the best sources of entertainment today are video games. Movies entertain you by allowing you to see moving images that may be depicting different kinds of situations. Video games take this a step higher by allowing you certain control and interaction with the different characters or items on screen. Games are really engaging and will surely give you a great time while you play.

It should be great for you to know then that there are a lot of games that you can play on the internet. Not only will you be able to enjoy these games by yourself on your down time, but it is also possible to play with or against others, further increasing the fun factor that these games may have.

If you are looking for a website where you will be able to play online games with ease then is the website to visit.

The website has a lot of online games, each of them with different characters and gameplay mechanics that you will surely find to be very exciting. What’s great about the website is that it offers these games for free, so you do not need to shell out a lot of money in order to experience fun games online.

Important Requirements For A ZZP Nederland

A freelancer is considered as self employed in the Netherlands. A certain individual works for an employer but is not committed to that particular employer for a long term basis like the normal employee-employer relationship when one is employed in a company. People who are referred to as zzp nederland are those who work for themselves and do not hire any other employees. The process of becoming a freelancer is the same as those who are starting a business. There are simple requirements to become a freelancer in the Netherlands.

Requirements in becoming a freelancer

The process of becoming a freelancer requires a valid residence permit that allows an individual to work in the Netherlands after which registration as a freelancer with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) is required. It is also important to apply for a VAR (Verklaring arbeidsrealtie) that defines your status as freelancer or as an employee for a company that you are doing business with. There are 4 types of VAR but the most important is VAR WUO which means that any income from business is 100% and not gained from any kind of employment. It is free to apply for a VAR in the Netherlands but it is important to apply for a new declaration every year. Your clients will actually ask about your VAR once you do business with them.

How do freelancers in the Netherlands find jobs?

Customer acquisition is the most important aspect of being a freelancer. The internet has opened many opportunities for freelancers which require having an email address or website to facilitate communications with clients. Freelance jobs are usually associated with journalism but most freelancers today work in sectors like Information Technology, accounting, website development, advertising and many more. Many freelancers work through brokers who provide them with assignments but once you develop long term relationships with a specific broker, it might be construed as being employed which will affect your independence. Working through brokers means your hourly rate is lower that is why it makes sense to build your own network so that you will never have a loss of jobs to do. It also suggested drawing up a simple contract to avoid the hassle of dealing with clients who do not pay on time.

Concerns of an independent freelancer

Being a freelancer means more freedom to do a job than a regular employee. However, whatever work you do must be done with the highest quality otherwise you face the risk of not being paid if the client is unsatisfied with the results. Invoices are necessary to be sent to clients who are VAT registered and you need to have a record of your income and expenses. If you are registered as freelancer, the client does not have to deduct social security premiums and wage taxes from the freelance payments. However, any freelancer who exercises a profession independently is considered as self-employed and is required to file for VAT every quarter. Freelance income is also taxed which has to be declared with your other income in your annual tax returns.

The Need And The Features of a Good Order Management Software

Are you looking for a simple yet effective order management system like carta? Are you not sure how to judge if the system you want is for you? Here are some top tips.

Why would you need an order management system like Carta?

Order management software streamlines the handling of your order process through the whole event chain, making your life considerably easier. They promote efficiency and make reordering and communication simple. They keep customers up to date on the status of orders, and allow easy tracking and communication that leave customers satisfied and happy.

They also take the workload of off staff and significantly reduce costs, as the heavy burdens of manual processing are reduced. This also contributes to keeping down the backlog potential. Large numbers of orders are easily managed and the customer has a certain control over the order process. The needs of the order are automatically generated and referred to the relevant departments and process handlers without the need for laborious manual interaction.

It becomes easier to coordinate suppliers and supply chains, too, as the automating of the order process makes it simpler to fill orders across multiple suppliers. Reorder point and stock notifications can be manually created to keep ordering up to date and prevent stock failures. The possibilities for error are considerably reduced and workflow is streamlined.

What makes a good order management system?

A good order management system will handle work across many fields. It will provide detailed product information, and either act as or integrate with inventory management systems to enable the setting of order points, the automatic updating of inventory and more. It can allow for the easy generation of marketing data and material to enable you to target advertising, as well as tracking and maintain customers order history and preferences to facilitate both their experience and yours. They make order entry simple, and allow for a host of customer service options including clear communications, refunds and the returns process as well as tracking of the original order. They enable you to easily access your suppliers’ information, as well as facilitating easy data analysis and generation of the reports you need to assist your day-to-day business flow. Lastly, they allow a significant amount of financial management and can often integrate with your accounting package to automate the financial process as well.

Overall, a great order management system takes the weight off of manual processing, thereby eliminating a substantial source of errors and making the processing of orders a simple, more customer friendly process- as well as assisting with inventory concerns. Once a business is generating a number of orders a day, automating the process not only prevents the scope for costly errors, but it makes for happier customers, happier suppliers and lower admin costs for you as the business- making a good OS a win-win product for all parties concerned.

Giant Google Got Gmail Fax

Most of us would readily agree that we are already living on the threshold of a great historical segment of human existence. A century ago, mankind had just learned how to fly heavier than air objects with the first airplane. Yet, several decades after, humans had their footprints imprinted on the moon. New technologies were later on applied to the simple aspects of our life. Email messaging, email faxing, email communication via VoIP, and many more, are now part and parcels of our everyday life. To the mind of person living a couple of centuries ago, all these things would seem to be farfetched and unrealistic. Yet, for us, these technologies are realities; we just have to accept these innovations, and we are fortunate enough to be living in this special time—when mankind has attained a level of technological advances never dreamed of by the ancient men.

Every once in a while, we stand still, waiting for some novel technologies to come out. Sometimes, we become impatient, while the think tank of some scientific research centers—such as GooglePlex—brainstorm and put into gear their innovative ideas. And when these innovations come out, we stand in awe, until the initial happiness of seeing something new subsides with the coming out of another innovative technology.

The Gmail Fax

When the fax machine came out for the first time, we marvel at how it could meticulously replicate any document we would like to send. Many of us were anxious to buy one for our business and institution. But now the mood has changed when online fax came out. We then readily joined the bandwagon of businesses that wanted to dispose of their outmoded fax machines in favor of the easy online fax. Consequently, many of us subscribed to online phone services with packages that include online fax service. It’s cool and awesome and we were gladdened. Yet, when Google informed us of the Gmail fax, we asked: “What can this be?” Is Google going to stamp out the major players who profit in providing online fax services? Google’s answer is a big “NO” and it doesn’t intend to add its own online fax service to its arsenal. Yet, we know Google can and got all the necessary platforms to create one. But Google may say that providing fax service is a small time business, and doesn’t give enough profit as compared to the profit it gets from providing all the necessary information we need in our daily life. Yet, Google has a penchant for exploring anything. The Gmail fax may be a good start for a more holistic process of storing, archiving, faxing, and receiving faxes. It is advantageous for all of us, and can surely enhance our sending of faxes. It is definitely favorable to us because we can now send fax using our gmail account anywhere and anytime. Most businesses can take advantage of gmail fax. Moreover, if you want to know more about it, you can readily visit – gmail fax. However, many of the business owners would rather want to see Google establish its own online fax service for free as a gift to its loyal patrons.

Best Bluehost Reviews

Lately it is becoming a common practice for review websites to work with unfair web hosting providers, who only care to make money. As we all know the real purpose of those websites should be to serve the customers by posting genuine and unbiased reviews and ratings about the web hosting providers. However, many have decided it is easier and more profitable to serve the providers instead of their clients. A simple glance at a similar website will show you how little thought and work is put into the design of the site and into the writing of the content posted there. A second look, on the other hand, will notice the too positive voice of the reviews and the lack of any realistic rating and real negative reviews.

However, there are many review websites, which took it upon themselves to examine carefully all the reviewed by them hosts. Such genuine reviews about Bluehost and other hosts you can find at bluehost review. The Bluehost reviews posted there are genuine and written only after a careful examination and real-life experience with the host. The online community has been dealing for years now with fake reviews that sell to online users bad products and services. Hopefully, customers will start seeing the problems with different eyes and search more carefully for real online reviews.

In order to avoid to be scammed by fake reviews, search for review sites with well established reputation in the field. It is actually quite easy to test any doubt you may have, as the web is very generous with information and useful tips how to do so. In other words, if you are looking for genuine information on Bluehost, you should carefully examine your source. The site might turn out to be a fraud that exists with the only purpose to confuse and scam customers. The result can be only one – you will end up losing a lot of money and the website that scammed you will probably get paid for it. Hopefully a careful examination of the site will help you make the right choice for yourself. Believing in what some websites have to say is like investing money into a pyramid scheme, as they have none of the answers you are looking for.

Bluehost is a fairly famous product that has been used with satisfaction by many customers, who in turn, have been posting genuine Bluehost reviews about the product. The host is useful even for beginners with no experience in the field, as there is excellent support service. To show their appreciation towards their clients Bluehost is ready to assist them even in case they decide to change hosts. A genuine review about Bluehost or any other host on the market should point out all the negative and positive aspects of the service and never hesitate while doing so. Every client appreciates the honesty and the transparency when it comes to investing money, especially in expensive services and products.

Are You Planning On Buying An HP Server From An Online Retail Store?

When it comes to making important purchases of products and items a few years ago, a majority of people were making such purchases from department stores and brick and mortar stores. Nowadays however, things have drastically changed as people now prefer to buy products from online stores. If you are in the market for a server that you will be using for your business operations then purchasing such powerful computer machines is also great when done through online means.

If you do a quick search on retailers that offer to sell server computers however, then you will most likely find it very confusing, as there are thousands of online stores that are able to fill your server need. If you are really confused as to where to buy HP server online then look no further than

When it comes to online sales of servers in the UK, is without a doubt the best website to go to.

What’s great about the website is that it virtually has everything that you need in order for your IT infrastructure for your business or network to run at its best. Not only does the website have pre-built servers like the ones from HP, which negates the need for you to build your own server, but there are also server components, storage devices, cables peripherals and a lot of different parts available should you decide that you want a customer server as the one that will power your business.

Not only does the website have one of the most comprehensive server related inventories in the UK today, but it also has one of the largest stock of this items ready at their warehouse. This means that when you make an order and if the item is available, it can be readily shipped to you with minimal waiting time. To further add to the speed of the service, the website also has one of the fastest shipping services for servers today, so you are guaranteed to get your machine in the fastest possible time.

HP pre-built servers or server parts in general are without a doubt very expensive to purchase. If you have a limited budget for these types of hardware that you will be using for your business, then it is possible that you will only get to afford a server that may not be up to par with the performance that you require. With however, the cost issue may not be that big of a problem. The website offers some of the best prices when it comes to servers with some items considerably cheaper than the asking price of the competition.

What makes the prices and services of the website even sweeter is that despite the lower price that you pay, does not compromise on the quality of products or speed of service in any way. You will still be able to enjoy great warranty terms as well as get the all-important technical support from the website should you need it throughout your use of the server and parts that you have bought from them.